About The Founder - Greg Eldred

Greg Eldred has a proven track record of leading individuals and teams to get the job done. His ability to work with businesses and build rapport with all levels of management has enabled Greg to achieve outstanding results for his customers and employers. A man of his word – Greg’s trustworthy and outcome focused reputation has seen him navigate complex intraorganizational relationships, resulting in positive, lasting connections with all parties, and mutually beneficial results.

Previous work history includes building business and sales teams from the ground up – to engage medium to large enterprises and deliver communications and technology solutions from leading brands like Motorola, Hutchison, Canon and FujiZerox, to name a few. He has consistently achieved outstanding revenue, and repeat business, founded on understanding and respecting the customer and their requirements. He is a problem solver and seeks optimum solutions that facilitate streamlined business processes.

Greg has assisted 100’s of Australia’s leading companies over his career. Listed below are a small sample of the companies Greg has assisted:

Greg’s passion and experience in assisting businesses to use the most up to date technology and equipment for superior business processes ensures he is ahead of most in the face of an ever-changing landscape. Based on his background – the current global health and economic environment has led Greg to establish Executive Business Solutions. Now more than ever, making good choices with the right products and solutions, will mitigate risks for businesses and protect them for years to come.

Executive Business Solutions offers personally selected products and services that are backed by extensive research and development, and include:

  • Printers & copiers.
  • Cyber security.
  • Office air filtration systems.
  • Zoom for business.
  • Cloud based telephony.
  • Remote office solutions.