Clean Business Environment - Air Filtration

Dyson - HEPA Cool Formaldehyde Tower Fan

Purifies the whole room and cools you – to support
a cleaner, more comfortable business environment.

Clean Business Environment - Air Filtration

Dyson - HEPA Cool Formaldehyde Tower Fan

Office Air Risk Mitigation

The secret to the health of your staff and return to work facilitation might be as simple as air purification.

Every day – a person inhales about 10,000 litres of air – yet some of us spend up to 90% of our time indoors, moving from the home to the car, to the office. In a seemingly clean office environment, you, your staff, and customers are likely being exposed to various chemicals, dust, and germs. Office air can contain a mixture of particles from inside and outside the office like smog from vehicles, smoke, dust, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from cleaning products, formaldehyde from new office fit outs and furniture as well as viruses and bacteria from peers.

Sickness arising from simply being in an office space, due to poor air quality and the presence of various particles is called ‘Sick Building Syndrome’, this condition is recognized by the World Health Organization, who has presented it as grounds for litigation against organizations with suboptimal office environments. In addition, poor office air quality and the presence of toxins in the air was confirmed as a vector for the transmission of SARS in 2003.

Indoor air quality and the wellbeing of your staff are connected, getting it wrong could mean more staff absenteeism, and less productivity/profitability for your business. Getting it right is likely to reduce illness of your team and customers, as well as give individuals more confidence to be in the office with reduced risks to their health.

See below an example of issues employees are having; after the impact of COVID19, showing that they want more hygiene precautions taken at work. (Source – Click Research, Return to Work Study, 2021)

Australian office workers remain cautious and concerned about COVID-19.

65% Are worried there will be another spike.
68% Are much more concerned about hygiene at work than last year.
80% Want to return to the office, but only if hygiene precautions are taken.

What Australian office workers are concerned about in their office.

79% Feel the air quality is not completely hygienic.
79% Feel the bathrooms are not completely hygienic.
73% Are concerned about touching surfaces in the office.

Australian office workers feel it's important to increase health & hygiene measures in the office.

80% Find touchless hand dryers with filtered air appealing for the bathroom.
78% Feel that HEPA filtration in the bathroom hand dryers is important.
77% Feel that HEPA filtration purifying the office air is important.

The Solution: Improving Indoor Air Quality

Sense, capture, project – sounds simple – but the research, technology and rigorous testing backing the new product I have selected for you to solve this problem is mind blowing.

Dyson have recently released the Dyson HEPA Cool Formaldehyde tower fan, which has been proven to:

  • Capture ultrafine dust, allergens, H1N1 virus.
  • Destroy formaldehyde.
  • Removes 99.95% of particles as small as 0.1microns.

With a H13 HEPA filter across the entire unit, this product has three main functions:

1. Sense

The inbuilt, hi-tech sensor, senses and reports automatically, it can be attached to your mobile device, or that of your facility manager via an app and sense air toxins and particle matter (PM).

2. Capture (Filtration)

Captures and destroys with an advanced HEPA filtration system
Inadequate ventilation can help outdoor pollutants, like PM2.5, penetrate indoors. Dyson’s advanced 360° HEPA H13 filter captures 99.95% of particles as small as 0.1 microns from the air – keeping them sealed in and the unique catalytic filter continuously destroys formaldehyde.

3. Project

Project fresh air with this new to market, medical grade air filter, and reap the rewards in your indoor space, and employee health outcomes.

This product completes whole room purification, up to 81m3.

Transform your Workspace

Mobile units easily improve indoor air quality, and are acoustically engineered to reduce turbulence, with a 20% noise reduction on previous models.

Product Specifications


Filter life:
1 year for HEPA+Carbon filter

Standby power consumption:
< 0.5W

Room coverage:
81m³ (according to POLAR)

Sound level:

Cord length: