Cloud Telephony

The way of the future for business communications

Cloud Telephony

The way of the future for business communications

Your Phone System Might Be Ok For Now – But Will it Be Enough To Support Your Business Into The Future?

History has shown us that progressing from hardware only, location-based devices to online and mobile, is inevitable. Business phone solutions are no different. In the past, the 9-5 workday was filled with people in offices, using desk phones to communicate. These were often a PBX (Private Branch Exchange) set up – a private telephone network that supported a range of useful features while still allowing general telephone service.

Functions included, extension dialing, after hour call diversions, caller queues – (with indicative wait times), conference calls, voicemail-to-email, and call recording. Traditionally these systems also contained complex analog switches manned by telephone operators. PBX systems soon progressed to include a VOIP (voice over internet protocol) integration, which is used to send digital signals to and from users. VoIP technology is key to accessing the most advanced features that PBX phone systems have to offer, such as voicemail-to-email.

Once the system converts an incoming call to a digital signal, the system can manage the signal the same way it would any other digital information. This is how digital PBX systems obtain platform-neutral solutions for converting and routing incoming calls to nearly any device.

Yet still, even though this advanced version of PBX might be appropriate and functional for some businesses, the hardware is expensive to maintain and service and it is location-based (i.e., a telco routs a large component of the communications to the office). Also – many businesses are still in the dark about their ability to communicate effectively after the rollout of the NBN. Australia’s NBN will not support the old PBX setups. Finally, and perhaps most significantly – the changed workforce in the face of COVID19, with substantial global remote access requires a whole new approach to intra and extra organizational communications. The ultimate solution for modern businesses with hybrid workplaces is cloud telephony – the ultimate VOIP phone solution which will seamlessly turn any device, any where into a business phone. This phone system is completely virtual and allows for calls, meetings, and messages, anywhere on any device.

Introducing GoToConnect – a leader in cloud telephony – with 24hour support.


I have searched to find the best cloud system for you, GoToConnect is the ideal solution for you to level up your communications system and can be tailored to your needs.

This solution is a reliable collaboration platform that empowers business productivity anytime, anywhere on any device. GoToConnect combines video and phone functionality, and enables you to:

  • Talk
  • Meet
  • Text and Collaborate

With GoToConnect you can:

Keep your existing numbers: If you have a long-standing number, no worries! Transfer your numbers to your GoToConnect service.

Choose what phones work for you: GoToConnect offers a wide variety of IP phones, including VoIP headsets, fax solutions, and conference phone systems, all at discount prices.

Video conferencing for all your needs: Host and join meetings right from your browser — no download needed. Share your live screen for presentations, demos and more.

Never miss a call with call routing and prevent lost revenue:

40% Savings with one provider for calls, meetings, and chat.
15+ Years on the VoIP market.
99.99% Service Level Agreement uptime reliability.
24/7 Award Winning Support.

The most recommended cloud VoIP system:

GoToConnect consistently leads out (+4.5 stars) across independent review sites including G2Crowd, Consumer Affairs, Google, GetVoIP and others in the UCaaS industry. Their customer-first mentality has led to exceptionally high customer satisfaction scores.

GoToConnect has everything to run businesses completely virtually — from cloud-based business phones (VoIP), online fax solutions to video conferencing, text and chat.

Let’s arrange a time to see how this system can help you.