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Business Relocation Service

We can seamlessly handle your business relocation, providing you with a step-by-step guide on what you need.

Simplifying your office move

We understand that business relocations can be chaotic. As a NBN business provider, Spirit Business Centre has extensive experience in managing successful business relocations for our clients. We have helped countless companies make a seamless transition between locations with our expert telecommunications team.

To ensure you know exactly what to do on your big day, our experts have put together a comprehensive guide of steps to make your move as easy as possible.

To assist with choosing the perfect location for your business, we can offer a location selection service that will provide you with everything you need to find a building that offers all the telco connectivity you need.

By assessing your specific needs as a business, we will advise you what your potential location has available from an internet perspective.

  • Connectivity within the building
  • When can you move in

Once you have selected the perfect location for your business, it is time to get started on turning it into your company’s new home by installing new telco and IT services.

We have created a timeline for the installation of phone lines, internet and data connections.

New Phone Line Installation
Between 2 – 5 Business Days
Hosted PABX
Up to 5 Working Days
Internet & Data Connectivity
For new offices and relocations
Between 5 – 10 Business Days
Up to 55 Working Days

When you are relocating your services, it is important to consider every service number and connection that you want to take with you your new location.

These include:

  1. Your main business number
  2. Your fax number
  3. Any additional direct numbers you advertise

New Phone Line Installation
With SIP / VOIP lines and hosted PABX solutions, you can now take your numbers with you anywhere you like. As long as you have an adequate internet connection, then there is no problems with relocating your business numbers with you.

Make moving easier on your company by taking these steps beforehand to ensure that you have everything you need to be fully operational as soon as you relocate.

Inventory Listings
While packing up the old location, we recommend taking an inventory of all your hardware and equipment. It is also the perfect time to check the efficiency of your machines and to consider if an upgrade to more current technology is necessary. In addition to our relocation services, Spirit also offers great telco and office equipment products and prices.

Create a detailed inventory list of:

  • Phone System
  • Desktop/Laptop Computers
  • Printers
  • CCTV and Security Systems
  • Servers
  • Fax Machines

Let people know you are moving
Ensure that any relevant business partners know that you are moving, including:

  • Your internet service providers
  • Your software partners that may require the new details for licensing agreements
  • Printing, ink cartridge and other hardware suppliers

Create a continuity and relief plan
During relocation, there is always a possibility of a system failure or other disaster that can severely disrupt your business. We recommend that you:

  • Ensure there is available hardware such as computers and monitors that can be used immediately
  • Your software partners that may require the new details for licensing agreements
  • Printing, ink cartridge and other hardware suppliers

The new office layout
Using the floor plans of the new location, it is necessary to:

  • Create the area setup, including where desks and computers will be placed for workers
  • Space for communal printers, faxes and conferencing equipment
  • Power outlets and existing phone/ethernet connections

Your server room
The server room houses the most important aspects of your internet connection, so selecting a proper area that provides the following is essential:

  • Proper cooling for the servers
  • Necessary space for your servers and other hardware
  • Dedicated electrical circuits if possible
  • Good lighting for technicians to work in

Know your cables and networking
It is important to know exactly who and where in the new location requires internet connections, so that enough cabling can be ordered to keep the area safe.

If there is not sufficient cabling already in place at your new location, then adequate time for installation will be necessary.

We offer cabling and installation services to make your relocation faster and ensure that your workers are safe and have the right infrastructure.

Make moving easier on your company by taking these steps beforehand to ensure that you have everything you need to be fully operational as soon as you relocate.

Call Diversion
‍Once you make the transition into the new location, it is possible that you will need to divert calls from your old location to the new one. The diversion comes with a cost that must be accounted for, depending on the length of time it will take to have your old number re-routed to a new one.

Security and CCTV
While not necessary, adding a security feature to your new location helps to protect your business from theft and keep your employees and customers safe. High quality network cameras are available at affordable prices today, making security easier than ever.

Depending on the amount of equipment, furniture and other infrastructure in your office, you may need to arrange for professional removalists to relocate these for you. We can arrange the relocation of your telephony equipment to the new site for you. We recommend you label all devices/handsets to avoid any confusion.

Switch to the Cloud
Having everything your business needs in one secure place helps your employees access information quickly, no matter where they are. When relocating, a move to a cloud-based server could be the perfect thing for starting up your new location.

Wi-Fi for Your Business
Adding Wi-Fi is beneficial to allow laptop use anywhere in your area. Let your workers connect to the internet anywhere in your office with a robust Wi-Fi solution.

Ask us about our financing solutions

Avoid the need to make a large upfront payment for the latest equipment, and stay current with the latest technology and gaining a competitive edge.