Printers, Copiers & Multifinctional Devices

Save time & money by choosing the right product, the first time.

Printers, Copiers & Multifinctional Devices

Save time & money by choosing the right product, the first time.

Making the right choice of printer, copier or MFD for your business requires knowledge of reputable brands, backed by good technology, research and development.

What do you need to know, to make the right choice of printer, copier or MFD?

Your business is unique, and so too are your businesses’ requirements when it comes to printing, copying, and scanning. Choosing the right device for your business and considering all the options available, can be a time-consuming process. Having worked with leading brands in this industry for many years – I have seen my share of salespeople overcomplicating the selection process and overwhelming the customer into a sale that simply makes the sales rep more money in the short term – with a suboptimal outcome for the customer in the long term. My goal is to simplify this process for you – and help you to get the right solution for your home office, or office space, so you can continue working on the other important things in your business. With my strong connections with leading brands, I can offer you a multi-vendor selection of the best hardware and technology in the printing and copying industry.

Printers and copiers:

Small scale printers and copiers can be an excellent choice for home offices and offices with limited space. These devices usually print, copy, scan, and fax and are good for small volumes of work.

Multifunctional Devices (MFDs):

A Multifunctional Device, or MFD, is typically the printing device in most offices but is referred to as a printer or photocopier. These machines incorporate scanning, copying, and printing as a minimum, into a single device – some can also be used for emailing and faxing.

While some businesses can get by with selecting a device that does one or two things, such as printing, and copying or scanning, compared to running multiple devices for each function, MFDs help organizations save on power bills and consumables, as well as office floor space in the workplace. The right device is a key component to your document management system and underpins effective information management.

In the current post COVID return to work scenario, where businesses have many staff and employees still working partly at home, the move to these ‘hybrid’ workplaces mean MFDs are popular because they combine print, scan, fax and copy functions in one efficient multi-tasking device, enabling remote or in-office employees to collaborate effectively with their colleagues.

Picture this, you are managing the purchase of such a device for your business. You know the basic functional requirements, and have a general idea of price, or how much you are willing to spend.

You begin your search, considering multiple variables such as:

Functions: what you want it to do?

As these devices become more advanced, so too does their functionality, now including things like:

– Printing

  • Does your company print color or black and white documents?
  • How much printing does your company do?
  • What print quality do you require?
  • Cost of toners: monochrome & color?
  • Print speed: waiting for your printer to finish up a job can be frustrating and bottleneck your business.

– Copying: photocopy an important document before a meeting to be given as a handout.

– Faxing

– Scanning: documents to be stored in a soft version or emailed.

– Emailing: from the machine to a colleague or customer.

– Collation/finishing: give reports & handouts a professional edge.

What kind of connectivity do you need?

In addition to the above functions, you must take into consideration how many employees you have, what are their connectivity requirements – will you be needing Wi-Fi and smartphone capabilities?

Choosing a unit that can connect wirelessly means adding the ability to store your MFD in more convenient locations and networking it among several employees. Also, as working from tablets and phones becomes more commonplace, investing in a device that can easily connect to them puts you ahead of the curve.

Total cost of purchase considerations, over the device lifetime:

This not only includes the purchase price but also the long-term expenses associated with your MFD, such as consumables, maintenance, and repair costs. This total cost is especially important in a hybrid workplace setting where you might be operating more MFD or other devices than you would in a traditional office set-up, potentially driving up costs if you do not choose cost-effective devices that suit your requirements.

Space limitations: where the machine will go?

If space is not an issue – buying an add-on device to what you already have could be sufficient – but this is not necessarily a long-term strategy to make the most of the latest technology and equipment.

By this point – you will have likely been overwhelmed with choices and marketing material, using up precious time and resources that could be well spent elsewhere on your business.

How can I help you make the right choice of device, and save you time and money, both now and in the long term?

“If you define the question correctly – you almost have the solution. “- Steve Jobs.

I will apply my in-depth knowledge of various technical and hardware solutions to your business and present you with a multi-vendor report. This will give you an idea of exactly how much money you will save with a new solution in your current scenario – then I will advocate for you to get the best result with the selected vendor.

Having previously been a Master Agent for some of the largest printer, copier and MFD businesses in Australia, my choice, and recommendations for you will be backed by reputation, leading technology, research, and development and maximum cost savings and product efficiency.

One of the core principles of my company – Executive Business Solutions is to solve problems for you, that will save you time and money. Using my prior knowledge and expertise. I will be maintaining an ongoing supportive, post-purchase relationship with you which is a rare value add, in an industry full of salespeople and brand representatives who are focused on short sales lead times and reaching sales targets.

Purchasing printers, copiers and MFDs for your workplace can be a significant investment, so it is well worth taking the time to seriously assess your options, and I would only recommend products from the following brands: